Firefighter leaves heartwarming note after saving family home in Australian bush fires

Must See 14/11/2019

An Australian man has shared a heartwarming note left by firefighters who saved his house from the bush fires currently ravaging New South Wales. 

Paul Sefky, who lives in Yarranbella, returned to his home to find the message on his kitchen bench.

"It was a pleasure to save your house, we could not save your sheds. P.S- we owe you some milk," signed the Urunga Rural Fire Service (RFS).

Sefky shared the note on Facebook, captioning the photo "the best note on my kitchen bench since the morning after my wedding."

The post was shared by thousands. 

Kale Hardie-Porter, the firefighter who wrote the message, replied to the man's post saying his crew of four did the best they could, but unfortunately Sefky's two sheds "didn't last a second." 

The firefighters found refuge in the house and that's when they discovered the fridge Hardie-Porter said.