Experts warn that 'online shopping addictions' are a very real thing

Must See 20/11/2019

As Christmas rapidly approaches, many people will be opting to do the bulk of their shopping online... But experts are warning of the growing risk of addicition that online shopping poses.

The researchers point to something known as 'buying-shopping disorder' which is described as an "obsession with shopping  and buying behavior that causes adverse consequences." It has been around for years, but the rise of online retailers has seen it take to a new level.

"It really is time to recognise BSD as separate mental health condition and to accumulate further knowledge about BSD on the internet." the researchers said.

"We hope that our results showing that the prevalence of addictive online shopping among treatment-seeking patients with BSD will encourage future research addressing the distinct phenomenological characteristics, underlying features, associated comorbidity and specific treatment concepts."

So as Christmas sales and spending sprees heat up, it might pay to keep an eye on friends and family if you think their spending is excessive.