Experts reveal that most of us have been stacking our dishwashers wrong

Must See 01/11/2019

How do you stack the cutlery in your dishwasher?

Do you have your handles facing up or down?

According to an expert at Choice, handles up is the way to go for best dishwashing practicing - an answer that is the opposite to what the majority said in our recent Breeze In The Kitchen poll.

The expert revealed that their were three main reasons why cutlery should be placed upside down when going into the cutlery container.

The first is safety. There's no point ruining your clean utensils by bleeding all over them because you stabbed yourself with an upward-facing knife.

The second is that it makes unloading the dishwasher easier at the end, with the handles ready to be grabbed and thrown into the cutlery drawer.

And finally, it means fewer germs and smudges. Facing them up means your grabbing the eating ends, treating everyone to a few of your hand germs the next time they tuck into a meal.

At the end of the day, you can stack your dishwasher how you wish - but it does make sense that your cutlery goes in this way!