Dog learning to talk by using a custom soundboard - and it's working

Must See 06/11/2019

Ever wanted to talk to your dog? Know what they are thinking? What they are feeling?

Christina, a proud dog owner who is a speech-language pathologist by trade, decided she was sick of always guessing what her precious pup Stella was thinking, and decided to put her skills to good use by thinking outside the box and creating Stella her very own soundboard so she can communicate.

Whenever Stella the Catahoula/Blue Heeler mix wants to talk, all she has to do is step on buttons corresponding with words Christina recorded and programmed into the device.

The soundboard has been so successful Stella’s been able to tell her mum important things using the device, including: when she’s tired and wants a nap; when she’s hungry and wants to be fed; and when she wants to go outside - specifically to the park.

One day in particular, when the puppy was whining at the front door and Christina assumed she wanted to go outside, Stella was able to prevent any further confusion when she walked right up to her device and stepped on the words: ‘Want’, ‘Jake’, and ‘Come’.

She then stood in front of the door until Christina’s fiancé, Jake, came home a few minutes later. After his arrival, the dog went over to the soundboard and pressed ‘happy,’ before rolling over for a belly rub. Incredible!

Absolutely incredible!