Dog acting as 'best man' marks territory by peeing at bride's feet

Must See 18/11/2019

It seems like it's becoming more and more common for dogs to be involved in wedding days - after all, weddings should be spent with those you love most!

This couple were left shocked and surprised after their pooch 'Diesel' celebrated the wedding day in his own special way... By peeing at the bride's feet!

"When my wife took her place at the altar Diesel instinctively sniffed her pants, and then somewhat out of character, decided that where she was standing should be his." the groom said.

It was then and there that Diesel the dog 'did his business'.

"Fortunately, given the angle, he missed her outfit by centimeters." the groom continued

"Everyone at the ceremony laughed, including my wife. We've had Diesel for six years now, so she's well aware of his cheeky habits. We're dog people, so she laughed and put it down to Diesel being Diesel."

It's great they all managed to see the funny side of things and even better they have the pics to prove it!