Celebrity chef Pete Evans raises eyebrows after feeding his kids caviar for breakfast

Must See 29/11/2019

My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has been slammed online after his questionable breakfast he served his children.

While we're sure most Kiwi kids who are lucky enough to get breakfast are used to having a couple bits of Marmite on toast, cornflakes or maybe eggs and soliders at a push for their breakfast - Pete's kids are served a "surf and turf".

'Paleo Pete', who has long been a vocal advocate for a low-carb, whole food diet, whipped up some boiled organic eggs topped with caviar, sauerkraut and a grass-fed wagyu hotdog with chilli sauce.

"They also get a little fruit and coconut yoghurt and chicken broth most days before heading off for the day," he added. 

That's all before Chilli, 14, and Indii, 12, even start the school day.

The breakfast, while delicious, certainly wouldn't come in cheap - with the caviar alone costing about AU$47 per tin.

Source: Newshub.