Bradley Walsh teases a 'major shake-up' to the TV show The Chase

Must See 20/11/2019

It was just last week that the host of The Chase, Bradley Walsh revealed the news that there was a new Chaser on the horizon.

While he remained coy on the percise details of the new Chaser, he did confirm there would be someone joining the already epic line-up of The Beast, The Vixen, The Sinnerman, The Governess and The Dark Destroyer.

But, it looks like there may be even more changes in store when the show's newest season returns.

Bradley Walsh talked to Radio Times to tease anothe rmajor shake-up that may be coming to the show - and by the sounds, there may be more than one new Chaser joining the team.

"We’re making more and more shows all the time, so we need to recruit more people all the time," he told Radio Times

"So consequently, we have put our feelers out to find other people that will be suitable, and all will be revealed next year. It could be more than one, who knows. But it’s a proper shake-up."

Unfortunately, Bradley didn't add much more to that, so we are once again left guessing!