Boss pays off employee's mortgage so he can retire early

Must See 19/11/2019

A mechanic in the United States is retiring early after his boss paid off the remainder of his mortgage.

Albert Bringas' boss surprised him with the offer after being an employee for him for 13 years.

The San Antonio resident originally planned to retire in 2020 after he calculated he could work for six more months, pay off his mortgage and then retire.

But Rudy Quinones, owner of Renown Auto Restoration, said he knew Bringas wanted to retire.

"I never had any issues with him, ever. But I could tell that his age and the physicality of the job were starting to take a toll," Quinones told the Washington Post.

In October, Quinones asked Bringas if taking care of his mortgage would allow him to retire.

Bringas said he wasn't sure if he’d heard his boss correctly.

"I thought, 'Are you serious'. But he was. He really did want to pay off the rest of what I owed on my mortgage," Bringas told the Washington Post.

A week later, Bringas and Quinones went to the bank to pay off the remaining $US4986 ($NZ7793).

The loan was taken out almost 24 years ago.

Bringas said Quinones often helps his employees and he "has a big heart".

"If somebody is down on their luck and needs a loan, Rudy is there for them. And if your car needs some repairs or you need parts, he'll take care of it," Bringas said.