Woman shares great hack for making your candles last longer

Must See 01/10/2019

We love candles! But it can always be a challenge lighting the last little bit, especially when you have a bigger candle that you can't quite get your lighter to reach the wick of!

But thrifty homeowners on social media have shared a genius hack for making sure you make the most of your candle without having any (or barely any) wastage!

All you need to do is fill the candle jar that is no longer usable with boiling water, leave it to melt the wax and once cooled, the wax will sit on top of the water ready for you to break up and re-use as melts.

People were chuffed to hear that their pricey candles that no longer burnt properly could still be useful.

Others helpfully suggested that you don't have to use the leftover wax as a melt, you could pop them in a bag in your chest of drawers to make your clothes smell great.

Becky Lock commented: "Also good to pop in a hessian bag and pop in a draw to make every thing smell nice."