Woman questions if her family's toilet paper use is excessive or not

Must See 18/10/2019

A mum has taken to the NetMums forum for help aftering she noticed her family was going through a huge amount of toilet paper each week.

"3 adults in my house, 2 male, 1 female. I buy a pack of 9 a week and we are using 90% of it, honestly I think someone is eating it!! What do you use? Is this excessive?" the mum wrote.

People were quick to respond to the woman's query...

"There's 2 adults in my house. A pack of nine would last a month honestly! Someone is definitely eating it lol. Or using it to clean the toilet maybe?" one person wrote.

"There's 4 of us here, 2 adults 2 children, we use 2 toilet rolls a week." said another.

"That's a lot." chimed in someone else. "We have 2 adults and 2 children and we use 2-3 toilet rolls max a week. We'd probably use a lot less if the kids didn't use half a bog roll every time they had a poop."

Do you think this woman's household needs a bit of a reality check, or is it about right?