This phone charger made out of Christmas lights will have you feeling festive

Must See 31/10/2019

Here's something that's absolutely perfect for Christmas lovers! People online are going crazy over these new 'Christmas Light Phone Chargers'. 

The chargers only work with iPhones and light up when plugged in...

The charger is available for purchase on Amazon and will cost $15. "You’ll be excited all year!" the description reads.

The reviews of the product are mostly positive too.

"I love this product!" one person wrote. "I saw it posted as a ‘Christmas must-have’ on some Facebook post. Went right to Amazon and was able to find it! Everyone at work is super jealous, and it looks so festive on my desk!"

"I was skeptical how well these would actually work, but they are amazing they are cute and charge the phone very well." another added.

What a cool way to make something so plain that little bit more festive.