These celebrities are all well-known snorers

Must See 18/10/2019

Tom Cruise

Apparently, Tom Cruise is a monster snorer. During his previous marriage to Katie Holmes, it’s understood that he turned his spare bedroom into a soundproof ‘snoratorium’ so she could sleep undisturbed by his night time noises.  

Prince Harry

Apparently Prince William had to share a room with his brother during their military service and it turns out Harry kept William up all night with his snoring! Prince William once told People Magazine, “he snores a lot. He keeps me up all night long!”. Poor Meghan… 

Prince Charles

If snoring is genetic, it’s clear where Prince Harry gets the trait from. Prince Charles was teased for snoring when he was at Gordonstoun School, and other boys in his dormitory even taped the noise to show him how loud it was.

David Arquette

Ex-wife Courteney Cox said that actor David Arquette “shook walls” in his sleep with his reverberating snores.

Guy Ritchie

Madonna and Guy Ritchie allegedly had to sleep in separate bedrooms, and Ritchie claimed that the main reason was his snoring. “She doesn’t like it at all,” he said. “When it’s at its worst, she boots me out of bed.