Study finds that reading a book before bed makes you happier and healthier

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It's not unusual for many to always have a book on their bedside table.

Reading before bed can be a great way to unwind, relax and get yourself in a sleepier state after a long day. But now there is science to actually back up the benefit of sneaking in a few pages or chapters before bed.

A survey conducted by Sleep Junkie researched over 2300 people on their reading and sleeping habits.

Of those surveyed 11% read before bed 1-2 nights per week, 12% read before bed 3-4 nights per week, 7% read before bed 5-6 nights per week, and 8% read every night before bed.

62% of respondents didn’t read before bed at all.

Those who read before bed 5 or more nights per week reported being more satisfied with the quality of sleep than those who didn’t read before bed. Frequent pre-bedtime readers were also found to have slightly higher incomes than those who didn’t read, were more likely to eat healthy food and engage in healthy recreational activities, and visit the doctor and dentist more regularly than those who did not read before bed.