Study finds cleaning the house can help you live longer

Must See 24/10/2019

Well, we know what we are doing this long weekend!

Turns out if you always make sure you do your dishes, make your bed and vacuum the floors, then you may just have an upperhand advantage to those who continuly procrastinate doing it.

Research published in the BMJ combined data from eight studies from the US, UK and Scandinavia in which 36,000 participants over the age of 40 wore motion sensors around their waist for four to seven days a week over a six year period.

The study revealed a correlation between physical activity at a moderate level for 24 minutes a day (whether that be making dinner or mowing the lawn) and a steep decrease in deaths.

So, if you're not really one for the gym but you do enjoy doing housework, then you're in the all clear for helping your health!