Steve Irwin's family finally fulfill one of his biggest goals in life

Must See 04/10/2019

It's been 13 years since Steve Irwin's tragic and sudden death, and while the whole world felt the immense loss, we're sure it was nothing compared to what Terri, Bindi and Robert felt.

Since his passing, the Irwins have aimed to continue Steve's legacy by working at the Australian Zoo, spreading conservation messages and caring for all types of wildlife, but now it seems that they have finally completed one of Steve's biggest goals.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Terri Irwin said:

"We just - just - finished one of his greatest goals which was to open an elephant hospital in Indonesia."

"In Sumatra, when elephants step on a landmine or they get caught in a snare there was no hospital to treat them, and we now have just opened an elephant hospital, so it’s pretty special."

"These are the things we talk about, and it’s so important to continue his mission."

The Australia Zoo has helped construct an elephant hospital in Sumatra, including staff accommodation to assist the program there.

Luke Reavley, who works at the Australia Zoo, said:

"Steve dreamed of opening an elephant hospital after witnessing first-hand the issues they were facing in the wild."

And now it seems his dream has finally come true as, along with other organisations who helped build the hospital, vets are now on hand to provide ongoing training to the team in Sumatra ahead of opening.