Retirement home opens up for old cats and dogs

Must See 04/10/2019

How cute!

A retirement home in the US has opened up specifically for elderly cats and dogs.

The senior centre, which is aptly named Young At Heart, is an animal shelter made for animals over the age of seven and who are looking for a forever home to spend the rest of their shortened life-span with.

While they are there, the dogs and cats are given all the attention and love they need until they are ultimately adopted or pass on.

The owner of the pet retirement home has told her local news station that Young At Heart has already proven to be a massive hit with both people and pets.

"We had so many people come through with giant smiles on their faces, saying this is the coolest place they’ve ever seen and they can’t wait to volunteer," she said.

The centre features under-floor heating, a tonne of outdoor space, and nice cosy nooks for the animals to hang out in.