People are loving using anti-chafe bands this summer

Must See 17/12/2019

Call it chafing, call it chub-rub, call it whatever... there's no doubt that it can be annoying and painful when your thighs start rubbing together during the warmer months!

Often many planning on heading out and doing a bit of walking or moving have to sacrifice wearing a sundress, shorts or skirt in warmer weather to avoid the dreading chafing that would occur.

But now girls who suffer from the dreaded chafing have revealed their awesome little hack to help stop their inner thighs being rubbed raw.

The product they swear by are anti-chafe bands sold on Amazon and they come in a whole range of colours - including a lacy version.

One review commented:

"These are fantastic! I work overnights and wear dresses regularly to the office, I’ve been using the deodorant style anti-chafing rubs and wanted a longer lasting option. Ding Ding ladies!! This is it! So comfortable I fell asleep in them!…I got the lacy ones and they are sexy and soft to the touch with the silicone on the top and bottom. These are amazing! Highly recommended and can’t wait to purchase additional colors!!!"

You’ll need to measure your thighs before placing your order. The bands come in a range of sizes, but the sizes are based on your measurements. The smallest size is 21-22 inches, and the largest size is 31-32 inches.

Not only are the bands comfortable and stylish, but they’re also safe. They’re chemical free and grease free.

No more putting deodorant on our thighs to prevent them from rubbing!