People are gobsmacked at the amount of money Graham Norton earns per episode

Must See 18/10/2019

Can you imagine earning $6,000,000 a year?

Because that (approximately) is what Graham Norton earns thanks to his highly successful talk show.

According to reports in the Irish Independent, Graham Norton netted a whopping €3.4 million (NZD$5,943,098) from his UK TV show in 2018.

The comedian was apparently paid £92,894 per episode in 2018 by the production company that produces The Graham Norton Show and in addition to this, he also draws income from the BBC for his radio programme on BBC Radio 2, his popular wine brand and other gigs like MC'ing.

However, Graham himself is quick to shut down claims that these figures are 100% accurate.

When asked about his earnings last year, Norton quickly said:

“Myself and my agent look at that number and we go ‘I wonder how they came up with that’."

“It bears no relation to anything I know. But if that’s what they say I earn, that’s what I earn.”