New Zealand's first adoptable dog cafe is coming soon

Must See 24/10/2019

Kiwi dog lovers will be excited to hear the news of NZ's very first adoptable dog cafe! 

The cafe will be opening in Christchurch and will not only be super dog-friendly (with puppachinos, pupcakes and more on the menu), but you can also sit and play with rescue dogs.

You might even want to take one home.

The Barkery, scheduled to open its doors to humans and dogs alike in mid-2020 and was dreamt up by dog lovers Jack Penniket and Ally Mullord.

Each day, different dogs from the local shelters will be bought in to The Barkery to meet and play with customers.

Perspective pup parents who wanted to take a dog home would be referred to the shelter to start the adoption process, with the cafe offering a place to meet and get to know each other, he said.

In the early days there would be up to five adoptable dogs on site, with more to come if things went well, one of the two co-owners told Stuff.

"Our dream is to have an abundance of dogs everywhere but it comes down to availability and safety so we'll start small and go from there."