Nurse pens powerful open letter to those against getting flu jabs

Must See 11/10/2019

Many of us have suffered through a case of the sniffles or the symptoms of the cold, but not too many of us have actually suffered through the flu.

And those that have are quick to describe how it literally takes you out for days. 

The aches, the pains, the blocked ears and nose, the headaches... it's not great. 

And while there are many who's body's are strong enough to fight through the flu, there are also many who's body's can't cope.

For those with compromised immune systems, a flu can have serious repercussions and by getting your vaccine, you're helping to protect them.

This week, Nurse Amanda Catherine Bitz shared a heartfelt Facebook post sharing her experiences as a nurse and explaining exactly why it's so important to get the vaccine.

Read the post below.