Lego tests recycling system in US sending bricks to educational charities

Must See 11/10/2019

Lego is looking to keep its plastic bricks out of the rubbish in a new, environmentally-friendly initiative. 

The Danish toymaker is testing a system in the US where customers can ship their unwanted bricks back to Lego, who will repurpose them.

US customers are now able to print out a mailing label on the Lego website, put their used Lego bricks in a box and ship them off for free. 

The pieces will then be cleaned, put in a box and given to Teach for America, a nonprofit organisation that will donate them to classrooms across the United States. Some bricks will be also sent to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston for their after-school programmes.

If the initiative is successful, Lego said they may expand the programme to other countries around the world. 

Lego's vice president of environmental responsibility, Tim Brooks, said the company usually encourages customers to keep their bricks or pass them on to other kids, but some have asked for another way to donate them. 

The company is also working to find other materials for its colourful bricks, but finding one as durable as plastic has been a challenge, Brooks said. Last year, however, it began making Lego trees and bushes out of sugar cane.

Rival Hasbro, which makes Monopoly and Mr Potato Head, said it plans to eliminate plastic use in its packaging by 2022. They've also been finding it tricky to find a material to replace the plastic in its toys.

Glad to see big companies taking responsibility for the environment! Fingers crossed the initiative goes well.