Gordon Ramsay fans gush over his 'shredded body' after his fitness post

Must See 17/10/2019

Gordon Ramsay has his Instagram followers gushing over his 'shredded physique' on a recent Instagram post.

The celebrity chef posted a pic of him standing topless on a beach, along with a message of encouragement for people taking part in a marathon near to where he lives.

"Wishing all the athletes the very best of luck for *the Iron Man Marathon* today, crossing the line for me was one of the most exciting feelings ever!"

The comments praises Gordon's shredded bod came in thick and fast...

"Gordon is more fit then most teens my age!" one person wrote.

"Gordon out here looking more shredded than the meat he slices." praised another.

"When you realise the chef if the REAL meal." another said flirtily.

Fans of Gordon won't have to wait long to watch him on screen again, the chef has a new show launching on the Disney+ streaming service.