Good samaritan manages to get lost wallet back to owner using clever tactic

Must See 17/10/2019

When Twitter user Tim Cameron lost his wallet, he thought he'd never get it back again due to the lack of personal info that was in it. But a quick thinking good samaritan came up with a genius idea to get in touch with him.

"I just lost my wallet on the way home from work." Tim wrote on Twitter.

Thankfully, Tim had his account number in his wallet, which gave the finder a light-bulb moment.

"I didn't have much identifying info in there so a good Samaritan got in touch with me via my... Bank account! 4x transfers of £0.01 each with a reference up to 18 characters"

The good samaritan wrote in the reference section, "Hi, I found your wallet on the road" along with their own cellphone number asking the owner to get in touch.

The kind gesture has gone viral online, with many praising the anonymous person's generous spirit.

"What an absolute legend, this restores faith that there are still genuine decent people out there, I was starting to give up on it but this is awesome to see!" one person wrote and we totally agree!