Firefighters battling Sky City Convention Centre blaze still "not on top of the fire"

Must See 22/10/2019

Earlier this afternoon, news of the devestating fire at the construction site of Auckland's Sky City Convention City broke out.

And while it has been a few hours since the blaze was reported, Newshub's latest live update suggests that fire crews are still struggling to get the blaze contained.

Speaking to the media, Assistant Area Commander Dave Woom, revealed firefighters are "not on top of the fire". It's a 'sixth alarm' fire, meaning Auckland is at full capacity - were another fire to break out, fire services wouldn't have enough resources to attend to it.

"We're trying to account for one person, but we don't think it's a problem," he says.

Woom says the fire began on the seventh floor and travelled down to the sixth. It's concentrated around the guttering of the roof, where he has confirmed bitumen and straw insulation are on fire.

"This is a very, very difficult fire to extinguish," he says.

Wishing all fire fighters out battling the blaze all the best. We are thinking of you and thank you for putting your life on the line!