Expert claims babies could be born in space in just 12 years time

Must See 18/10/2019

Space experts are predicting that the first baby born in space could be happening a lot sooner then you would think.

Experts are working to design a mission where pregnant women can give birth in orbit, The Independent report.

This bold claim was made by Dr Egbert Edelbroek, who is the founder and chief executive of SpaceBorn Unite. Dr Edelbroek made this announcement at the first Space and Science Congress of Asgardia the Space Nation, in Darmstadt, Germany.

The aim is not for the whole pregnancy to take place in space, but instead a 24 hour mission for the labour.

“You can induce the labour process like they do in IVF clinics on a daily basis,” Dr Edelbroek added.

“Planning is, of course, an issue – it is hard to plan a natural process like this if there is something wrong with the weather, or a delay with the launch.

“We could never work with just one pregnant woman. We would have maybe 30 participants.

“But the experts that we work with, they believe, and I believe, that this is possible at a lower risk level than an average Western-style delivery on Earth.”

You would have to be a pretty brave woman to head into space to give birth - but at least you would help write history books.