Daughters hold a 'first dance' with their sick dad who won't live to see their weddings

Must See 31/10/2019

A family has gone viral after coming together to give their sick dad the chance to dance with his daughters 'on their wedding day' before he passes away.

The two daughters danced with their father seperately and had a videopgrapher film it so they can one day screen it at their weddings.

Photo credit: Chubby Cheek Photography

"We are heartbroken to have to even needed to do this, but we also see his time left as a gift, because all too often our loved ones are gone unexpectedly," one of the daughters told 9Honey. "We have the opportunity to fit a lifetime into these months and we choose to see it as a positive."

Photo credit: Chubby Cheek Photography

In a post on Facebook, the family spoke about the reasons they chose to share some photos from their deeply personal event...

"One, when you are faced with having to fit a lifetime of memories into a few months, you pray hard and you lean into the people who love you. So many of you have been there for us through this journey and we wanted to share this moment with you."

Photo credit: Chubby Cheek Photography

"Two, there may be other young girls and boys out there that are faced with losing a parent, maybe struggling with the loss of what’s to come. Maybe this story can strike an idea for someone else to PRE-create their moments, so feel free to share it."

Photo credit: Chubby Cheek Photography

"The last and most important reason we decided to share is to ask that anyone reading this researches Glioblastoma Multiforme and Leptomeningeal Disease. They are both extremely rare and get very little attention. Those living with this beast need more research, more funding, and we need a CURE! Having more people fighting along side those of us in this war is what will create much needed change."

These photos are so touching. We're sure the family will treasure them for years to come.