Daughter sticks cracker to wall to see if Dad notices - it takes him 4 years

omg 11/10/2019

The proof is finally here that dads really don't notice anything. 

On November 26th, 2015, Sara Smith decided to stick a Cheez-It cracker to her wall with a pin to see if her dad would notice. She got the idea after seeing a tweet of another girl who did it and her dad didnt notice for a few weeks. 

It took Sara's dad nearly FOUR WHOLE YEARS to notice the Cheez-It, only after his son-in-law pointed out the rotting cracker. 

It did in fact start to rot, so Sara decided to keep the experiment going by replacing it with a fresh one every so often:

Sara eventually moved out of the house, but she'd put so much effort in she couldn't let it go now, so she kept it going. 

"Day 1,001!!!! wow!!! (i don’t live there anymore so my stepmom sent me a picture) i am shocked and disgusted that we’ve made it this far!! also, people told me that when they see me they think of the cheezit!! i’m sad that that’s what i’m known for!"

What a long and ultimately anti-climatic journey. We're very impressed with Sara's dads non-observational skills though, that is elite level ignorance.

We wonder how many crackers are going to be stuck to walls now after this becoming viral...