Bride shocked after baker makes her cake that looks absolutely nothing like she wanted

Must See 08/10/2019

A Facebook post has gone viral after a bride's shock at opening up her wedding cake the night before her wedding only to see that it is a complete and utter disaster.

The post, by a close family friend of the bride, sees details warning against using a specific US cake baker and why.

The cakemaker was initially contacted by the bride to recreate an elaborate peacock cake, which had its tail cascading down multiple tiers and fan out into individual cupcakes:

The bride had a few tweaks to the design of the peacock cake, including a lot less cupcakes, only two tiers instead of three and two birds on the cake instead of just the one.

The baker said she could do it for a total cost of USD$300.

But when the cake was delivered by the baker the night before the big day, the bride opened the box and was left in tears after seeing the it.

Apparently the head kept falling off of one of the birds too.

Many people online sympathised with the bride, admitting the cake looked like a disaster. Some even likened it to that of a child's creation, while many said it was disgusting she posed as a professional baker.

You can read the whole Facebook post below or here.