Best friends build their own 'tiny town' so that they can all grow old together

Must See 18/10/2019

Four couples who have been close friends for over two decades have decided to live out their golden years by doing it together in their own tiny town!

Together, the four couples pooled their money and purchased a plot of land where they built four decent-sized, cabin-styled, river-facing homes that were perfect for them and exactly what they wanted.

The tiny cabins, each of which cost roughly USD$40,000, were designed by architect Matt Garcia to be as sustainable as possible.

They feature slanted roofs with water barrels that can hold up to 5,000 gallons of rainwater, reflective walls to keep out unwanted heat in the summer, and special insulated windows. The interiors are made of plywood, which keeps costs down and gives the homes a warm and spacious feel.

It features a beautiful, high-tech (but still sustainable) common kitchen and each cabin has its own ensuite.

At the moment, while they still have kids at home that come and go, the couples use their tiny town as a means of escape for holidays or weekends away, but once their kids become a bit less dependant, they plan on retiring their full-time - together.