Bees officially declared the most important living thing on Earth

Eco 16/10/2019

During the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London, it was concluded by the Earthwatch Institute that bees are the most important thing on the planet.

While many of us were aware of bees impact on Earth, there are many who don't.

As per The Science Times, 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on bees, while pollination – perhaps the most important function of bees – enables the plants to reproduce. Without them, the fauna would soon begin to disappear.

Not only that, but a study conducted by the Apiculture Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor (CeapiMayor) and the Apiculture Corporation of Chile (Cach), with the support of the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA), concluded bees are the only living being that does not carry any type of pathogen – regardless of whether it is a fungus, a virus or a bacterium.

Despite this, bees have now been declared an endangered species, with recent studies showing a dramatic decline in the insects’ numbers; almost 90% of the bee population has disappeared in the past few years.

The main reasons for their decline can attributed to uncontrolled use of pesticides, a lack of flowers, and deforestation. Because of this, activists believe we need to immediately prohibit the use of pesticides, promote completely natural agricultural alternatives and carefully monitor the health and welfare of bees.

So be sure not to squash or swat at that pesky honey bee hanging around your home when the weather warms up - it's just doing it's bit to help us keep on keeping on!