Aunties are just as important as mums when raising girls says expert

Must See 17/12/2019

Parenting expert Steve Biddulph has recently shared why he thinks young girls can benefit hugely from a strong relationship with their aunties.

"One of the things that we know is that, for example, something every 12 year old girl knows for sure is that she doesn't wanna turn out like her mum," he said in a recent podcast.

"This is sad, I'm not taking any joy in this, but there are phases when they don't wanna listen to you, but they still need lots of help."

"Aunties are a pillar of mental health for girls. It doesn't have to be a blood relation, it's just somebody around your mum's age who loves you too."

He went on to add that it's important for young girls to have someone else around the same age as their mum who they can talk to. He encourage Aunties to have deep conversations with their neices about their lives when possible.

"If you don't provide this then girls will default to the peer group, and this is where social media gets out of control, because the peer group is very ill equipped to be supportive," he warned.

So while the mother and daughter relationship is hugely important, it sounds like a healthy relationship with an aunty is something worth fostering.