Woman's first ever Subway order is so weird that the worker had to take a photo of it

Must See 06/09/2019

Think back to your first ever time at Subway - rather overwhelming right?

First you have to choose through a whole bunch of different breads, then meats and cheeses, then toasted or fresh, then your salads, sauces, salt and peppers, cookies and drinks and then finally - if you want it to have there or takeaway.

It's a lot of questions and descions to make, and if you're not expecting it - it's very overwhelming!

One woman, from the UK, headed into her local Subway for the very first time and went to order her Subway sandwich.

She chose the odd combination of black olives, cheese and cucumber. 

The worker making her meal thought it was so odd, that he decided to take a photo of it to share with his friends.

You know you've done something crazy when even the guy behind the counter insists on taking a photo!