Wife furious after husband builds garden shed right outside their bedroom

Must See 25/09/2019

A woman has taken to Facebook to vent her frustration at her husband after he built his garden shed right infront of their main bedroom.

The shed now completely blocks the view into the garden.

"What. The. Actual. Hell. I left hubby to sort out the new shed and this is where he put it. Right outside our bedroom window!" she wrote.

"My view of the garden is gone! He says it can't be moved now. PLEASE can you give me ideas about decorating it or burning it down."

Speaking to the DailyMail Australia, the woman shared some more info about the dilemma.

"I was inside with our newborn and he asked me to come and see where he was going to put it and I fobbed him off and told him that I trusted him to work it out himself. Big mistake." she said.

"He was quite happy with it and was very surprised that I was upset about it. He still likes it where it is."

Unfortunately the only real solution is to rip the thing out and start again as the shed is stuck onto the concrete below it.

Some people tried to offer ideas to make it more bearable, like painting it or putting plants on it, but none of the suggestions seemed to please the original poster.

Sounds like she'll have to get used to that shed being there for a while!