The Chase's Paul Sinha reveals details about 'breakdown' following Parkinson's Diagnosis

Must See 23/09/2019

Back in June, Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha revealed to the world that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's.

He has been praised by his co-stars about how he has handled the situation and has said that he plans to keep quizzing and starring on The Chase for as long as he is able to, but now he has publically spoken out about his "breakdown" following the life-changing news.

Speaking to iNews, Paul Sinha spoke about the symptoms which lead up to him being told he had the progressive neurological disease.

"I had been suffering from a frozen shoulder since September 2017. I'd seen a specialist who was convinced he could cure it, but nothing seemed to work," he says.

In the interim, he visited us in New Zealand - something he said he was very excited to do.

"I'm quite famous there because they broadcast The Chase twice a day on one of their main channels. One of the things on my bucket list was to sell out a big venue and I sold out a 700-seat theatre in Auckland."

Simultaneously, he was concerned about a limp that had been getting worse. "The next day in a cab I decided to Google the words 'frozen shoulder' and 'Parkinson's'. And I knew I had Parkinson's."

Before his diagnosis, Paul, a qualified GP, began noticing signs something was not right.

"When it went out after the diagnosis I could see people were Googling things such as 'Paul Sinha stroke' and 'Paul Sinha neurological disorder.'

"Looking back to those two weeks after the diagnosis I think I had a breakdown."

Parkinson's is a degenerative disease in which the brain becomes progressively damaged over the years. Some of the symptoms include involuntary body tremors, slow movement and stiff muscles.

Parkinson's is slightly more common in men than women.