Study finds that marriage is twice as stressful as raising children

Must See 16/09/2019

If you've raised kids you will understand that it is nothing like the movies and certainly no stroll through the park.

Once you get through the 9 months of carrying a child, then you have a whole 18 years of raising them (and let's be honest, for those of us with kids older than 18, looking after them and giving them money and advice doesn't alway stop at 18!)

It's true raising a child can be stressful, but it is very rewarding seeing your little human grow up into a big human with their own thoughts, morals, habits and opinions. 

But would you have ever thought that your marriage was more stressful than raising your children?

According to research done by the University of Padova, marriage stresses women out twice as much as children do.

The results found that 75 percent of the women involved did most of the parenting and the household duties.

One in five of the women in the study said that their main cause of stress resulted from a lack of support from their hubby.

The study also discovered that the health of man deteriorates drastically when their wife passes away.