Sir Paul McCartney praises Queen Elizabeth II

Must See 24/09/2019

Sir Paul McCartney, formerly of The Beatles, has gone public with his love for Queen Elizabeth II.

McCartney praised the Queen for being the "glue" that holds the UK together. He said that she played a bit part in ensuring Britian isn't "falling apart" and stated that he couldn't imagine the royal family not being a thing - especially if the UK had to get a "President Cameron, Johnson or May" as head of state.

Speaking to Radio Times, Sir Paul said as he couldn't imagine the country without the royal family and that his former Beatles co-stars "all kind of liked the Queen" in their younger days.

He added: "It's an age thing. We were kids when she was crowned, so to us she was like a glamorous film star.

"We identified with her. She's ours. She's the Queen."

"When everything's falling apart in Britain she seems to be the glue. People say (the royal family) costs too much. But then with the money that they bring in...

"To me, I'm not sure I would want a President Cameron, Johnson or May. It just doesn't sound as good as the Queen."