Prince Harry & Meghan Markle have matter-of-fact reply when fan asks where Archie is

royals 24/09/2019

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have embarked on their first royal tour with their son at their side, making little 5-month-old Archie Harrison the youngest ever royal to go on an official royal trip.

While Archie was seen being cradled in his mother Meghan's arms as they stepped off the plane and onto South African soil, he has been kept away with his nanny while the Duke and Duchess complete their official royal engagements.

During a visit to the District Six Museum, which was subject to the forced relocation of 60,000 inhabitants of various races during Apartheid in the 1970s, Harry and Meghan toured the museum to learn about the history of the area and meet former residents.

Somaya Ebrahim, a former District Six resident who was in the crowds when the Queen visited the town in 1947 with her parents and sister Princess Margaret, jumped in Harry’s arms for a big hug as they talked by. She then excitedly hugged Meghan as she asked them: “Where’s Archie?”

Harry told her, “He’s sleeping.”

When another resident asked about Archie, Harry admitted that the long flight tired his baby son out.

“He’s not grouchy, just exhausted” he revealed.

A royal source says that Meghan and Harry “hope to be able to include Archie at some point in the program, but it is difficult to schedule because he is 5 months old,” a royal source says.