People in the US and UK 'disgusted' that we eat baked bean and spaghetti toasties

Food 26/09/2019

For us Kiwis, eating spaghetti or baked bean toasted sandwiches come as naturally as a Marmite and cheese sandwich, a bowl of Weetbix or sausage in bread - but apparently it's something that is rather frowned upon by our mates in the Northern Hemisphere.

In a rather controversial debate, the delicious and easy baked bean/spaghetti toastie has come underfire with people from the United States and United Kingdom labeling it "disgusting", "revolting" and "yuck" - with one people saying that it should be set on fire and never talked of again.

The hate for the spaghetti/baked bean toastie came about after an Australian started a debate on Twitter about whether tinned spaghetti or tinned baked beans tasted better in a toasted sandwich.

And while the debate was split pretty evenly between the Australians and Kiwis that voted, it was also met with an overwhelming amount of hate.