People are using their slow cookers to make giant Mars Bar pods

Food 06/09/2019

Pods are one of the greatest sweet treats that live on supermarket shelves. And while there are quite a few flavours of pods, none quite compare to the humble Mars Bar pod.

Crunchy and biscuity on the outside, gooey Mars Bar on the inside ... we’re drooling just thinking about it! 

But now, some clever homechefs have discovered a (dangerously) easy way to create pods from the comfort of your own home. 

But the catch is, they are giant pods, filled with as much gooey goodness as your heart desires.

A savvy home chef shared the recipe that she created on the Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips Facebook group - and many quickly picked up on the recipe and decided to try it out themselves!

The post reads: ‘Just finished making homemade mars mega pods from my slow cooked caramel 😍.

‘To make the caramel I put one can of sweetened condensed milk (Nestle brand) in my slow cooker, pull ring side down, filled cooker with water so the can was about an inch under water and left on high for 6 hours (also put then can on baking paper before filling with water to save it marking the bottom of the slow cooker).

‘After the 6 hours I turned the cooker off and let the tin cool in the water over night. This morning I warmed butternut snap biscuits (arrnotts brand) in the oven until soft, pushed a spoon in the middle of each biscuit to curve them and then let the biscuits cool.

‘Filled the cooled biscuits with caramel. Then melted 150 grams of milk chocolate buttons (Nestle brand) in the slow cooker on high for 10-15mins just until melted and smooth and spread on top of each caramel filled biscuit.

‘Put in the fridge to set. The caramel is so yummy I had to resist eating it out the tin with a spoon!’

Not surprisingly, the treats got the big thumbs up from the page’s other fans.

‘Wow! My mum made these and I had no idea you could do it in the slow cooker! 😱definitely trying this! 👅’ said one. Added another: ‘I'm in heaven 😋 Yum!’

Said one more: ‘OK wow I need to make this this weekend 😍’