New controversial Monopoly board game sees women earn more money than men

Must See 12/09/2019

The world-reknowed boardgame Monopoly has had another makeover - but this time the makeover includes fully swapping out its traditional mascot - real estate mogul “Rich Uncle Pennybags” - for his niece, who invests in female entrepreneurs.

The new game is called Ms Monopoly and it comes with a new set of rules that cast a spotlight on the gender pay gap.

The new rewritten rules see female players starting out with more cash than male opponents. They also earn more money each time they pass 'Go'.

“Hasbro, Inc. is introducing the first-ever game in the Monopoly franchise that celebrates women trailblazers with Ms Monopoly,” a company press release published Tuesday read.

Instead of purchasing property, in the new, socially-conscious game, players will invest in inventions created by women, including WiFi, solar heating and chocolate chip cookies.