Mum pleads for Kiwi drivers to stay focused after daughter's tragic death

NZ 03/09/2019

Ruby-Jean Steele was a happy, 17-year-old with dreams and plans.

But while driving home on November 8, 2018, she became distracted and lost her life on a road near her home in Waiuku, Auckland.

In a new video posted on the New Zealand Police Facebook page, her mum Kirsten, and Ruby-Jean's two friends shared their story of heartbreak and pain.

"Nobody thinks it can happen to them, but it can happen to you," Kirsten tells the camera.

At work the day she heard of the crash in Waiuku, she recalls saying to her workmates "some poor family is going to have a s**t Friday today."

"Not much longer after that, I saw my eldest boy come up the stairs with the police. I walked out to them and I said 'please don't tell me it's Ruby-Jean.'"

Ruby-Jean's friends, Majenta and Latesha, were part of the school who dedicated their school's ShowQuest stage performance to telling Ruby-Jane's story.

"Everybody gets in a car and thinks... I'm not that person," Majenta said. 

"If people see how it affects people when you drive unsafely...I honestly think that's the only way that people are going to sort themselves out."

Watch the full video about Ruby-Jane in the video below: