Mum begs for birthday cards for son after he begins losing hope due to rare condition

Must See 05/09/2019

A heartbroken mum of 14-year-old Rhys is pleading for people to send her son cards for his birthday.

Her calls come after Rhys admitted to her that he has "had enough of life" while battling his rare, life-limiting condition.

Rhys' mum, who is based in the UK, admits that it was unknown whether Rhys would ever make his teenage years when he was growing up due to the condition which sees his skin often turn into painful blisters and sores.

He is now wheelchair bound because of his skin, and the condition has even caused his fingers to fuse together.

Photo credit: Mirror UK

Rhys says he wishes "a butterfly would come and take him away" and his devastated mum is desperate to show him he has something to fight for.

His mum told Mirror UK: "The last few months, he's had enough of life."

"He's had enough of being in pain with the sores. He just wants to give up, he doesn't want to fight anymore. What do you do as a mum?"

She is now asking for cards to be sent to Rhys in the hopes of showing him that people care.