Man's 'controversial' chocolate bar rankings spark debate online

Must See 06/09/2019

A Sydney man's choclate bar rankings have received worldwide attention for how 'controversial' they are.

"The 100% correct chocolate bar power rankings. Don’t bother commenting, this isn’t up for discussion." he wrote on Instagram.

Picnic bars, Turkish Delight and Chomp (a caramel bar) are all at the top of the list. While Bounty, Chokito and Milky Way are firmly down the bottom.

Apparently people are very passionate about chocolate, because the response to his rankings has been huge.

"Noooo... This is so totally out of order!" one person wrote.

"Obviously a list done by someone without taste buds." added another.

"The only one I agree with is the Bounty. The rest needs to be discussed."

What do you make of the man's rankings, would you shuffle any around?