Man opens up his can of baked beans to discover there is only one bean inside

Must See 05/09/2019

41-year-old Steve came home after a long days work and was looking forward to tucking into a nice snack of baked beans on toast.

But as he used his can opener to open up the tin of Heinz branded beans, he was shocked to discover that there was only ONE baked bean in the entire can.

Metro UK reports that on average there are 465 per tin.

Photo credit: Steve Smith

Speaking to Metro, Steve said: "I got back late from a residents’ meeting and wanted some food."

"I poured out the tin and I found one bean."

"I thought it was funny – but annoying! It was the last tin we had in the cupboard.

I had to have scrambled egg instead

Photo credit: Steve Smith

Steve took to Twitter to report his findings to Heinz directly.

A spokesman for Heinz said: "So sorry to hear Steve’s experience.

"Our beans are meticulously weighed with approximately 465 in each Heinz Beanz 415g standard can.

"We are in touch with Steve over this isolated incident and to make up for the missing beans.”