Maggie Smith's Downton Abbey co-stars share her hilarious trick for keeping people away

Must See 24/09/2019

It's very apparent that Maggie Smith likes to keep her personal space!

During an appearance on Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live', Downton Abbey actors Elizabeth McGovern and Allen Leech revealed a funny fact about their iconic co-star Maggie Smith. 

“What’s a sure-fire way to know that Dame Maggie Smith is in a bad mood?” a fan asked.

“That’s a great question,” replied McGovern.

“The cane,” added Leech, as McGovern nodded in agreement.

The pair went on to tell a story about how one time, Smith used the prop as a way of letting someone on set know they’d gotten too close for comfort.

“She always has the cane and obviously it’s for the character" but when "one first [assistant director]" would get “a little too close” to her and “very, very touchy,” Maggie would instantly pull out her cane as a barrier.

“Literally she would always have the cane there and as she would see him coming it was like, ‘Here he f— comes. That’s far enough, that’s far enough’.”