Lawform hires stray cat after staff complain about him hanging around their building

Must See 30/09/2019

Leon the stray cat has had his life flipped a full-360 after going as a homeless cat roaming the streets and eating scraps, to a cat that has a new home and a fulltime job at a law firm.

Go Leon!

Leon was hired after staff of the lawfirm complained to their managers about him lingering around the reception area and pestering people for food.

Instead of calling animal control, the managers of the law firm decided to take Leon the stray in as a fulltime worker and give him a home at the office.

Leon went public after the lawfirm posted about their newest hire on their Facebook page.

"After a heavy rain, this little guy here seeking shelter from the storm went inside the OAB building ( Brazilian equivalent of ABA, American Bar Association) and decided to stay."

"Unfortunately some people started to file some complaints about the fact that at the reception desk there was a stray cat hanging around and trying to make friends with the newcomers."

"In order to avoid some new complaints the board gave the solution: Hire the cat as an employee."

While he was initially hired to help welcome people coming into the building, there’s been a development – he’s now a lawyer. So, that’ll be Dr Leon to you.

Dr Leon now has his own Instagram page with more than 48,000 followers, where his fans can keep up with his latest cute antics.

Now, Dr Leon is a valued member of the workforce. People who weren’t keen on him now love him, and spend time playing with him regularly.