Kiwi has lucky escape after magnifying mirror almost sets furniture on fire

NZ 02/09/2019

Firefighters are warning Kiwis about the dangers of items that can reflect or concentrate sunlight after one Thames person came home to their house filled with smoke.

Posted on the Thames Volunteer Fire Brigade page, their post shows a burnt-out decorative birdcage, which had begun to smoulder when a magnifying mirror reflected sunlight into the cage's contents.

"A 'magnifying mirror' had reflected sunlight at a decorative birdcage full of rattan balls on the dresser in one of the bedrooms. It had been smouldering for some time, and was millimetres away from igniting the clothing in the dresser," the firefighter said.

"While it might be impossible to 100% mitigate this unfortunate thing from happening, it might be a good idea to check and move anything from near your windows, (such as transparent vases full of water), or anything that could easily reflect and concentrate sunlight onto something in the home."

The firefighter called their timing a lucky escape and commenters on Facebook shared their own close calls, from mirrors left in cars burning a burn mark in the interior, to snowglobes burning holes in curtains.

Commenters also suggested the homeowner should consider buying a Lotto ticket for the luck they had.