Kiwi cafe bans disposable cups

Eco 23/09/2019

A cafe located in Hastings, Hawkes Bay has gone a step further than offering people a discount when they bring in their keep cups - instead they have banned disposable cups all together!

It's reported that by making this move, the cafe is helping stop 150 to 200 cups a day from heading into the local landfill.

The cafe's owner, Mel Anderson told Robert & Jeanette on Monday that she had "just had enough" of the waste that was caused by using single use cups and so decided that her cafe - Cartel HQ was going to stop use of the cups altogether.

"We wanted to make it as easy as possible for everybody."

The cafe already sells keep cups on site, meaning people can buy a reusable cup when they get there.

They have also set up a "CupCycling" system, where people can take a cup and return it.

The CupCycling sees customers give a gold coin when they pick up their coffee, which is returned when they bring the cup back.

They also use the intiative of Boomerang Cups for those in surrounding offices. 

"They can just come and grab them and they can bring them back." Mel told the Robert & Jeanette.