KitKat announces plans to ditch plastic packaging for paper to turn into origami

Eco 30/09/2019

Nestlé, the company which owns KitKat, revealed back in January that it would commit to 100% recycleable packaging for all its products by 2025. 

As part of that plan, Nestlé's Japanese branch have launched new packaging for the mini KitKat chocolate bars, which will now be made from paper instead of plastic.

Not only that though, the packaging includes instructions on how to make the wrapper into the classic origami crane (which in Japan is a traditional messenger of thoughts and wishes) - how cute!

Switching to the environmentally friendly wrapping on the mini KitKat multipacks in Japan alone (which is one of the biggest markets for KitKats, with about 4 million sold every day), is expected to cut down on roughly 380,000 kgs of plastic each year. That's a LOT of plastic that may otherwise end up in the ocean!

The mini multipacks will have the new packaging as of October, in the most popular original, match and otona no amasa (which means 'sweetness for adults') flavours. 

KitKat will roll out the paper packaging for its normal sized multipacks next September, and for the individual KitKats in 2021.

Great moves Nestle!