Iconic Kiwiana 'Big Fresh' supermarket characters are being sold on TradeMe

Must See 16/09/2019

You could own a piece of Kiwi history! The iconic Big Fresh animatronics are being sold on Trade Me.

If you ever shopped at the Big Fresh supermarket chain back in the 90s, chances are you'll remember the giant characters that hungout throughout the store...

Photo credit: Trade Me

The current owners are wanting to send their collection on to a good home and have listed the characters on Trade Me for a price of $4500.

"We are very sad to part with them and want them to go together rather than splitting them up and selling them individually." the listing reads.

"There is 11 pieces including a banana, a luncheon roll, yogurt, butter, cheese, carrot, mushroom and other bits. All have been a bit knocked around with the moves they have had but would be pretty easy to return to their former glory if that is what you want."

If you're keen to buy the collection, the listing is pick-up only based in Auckland. It's also worth noting that the characters no longer sing or move.

Photo credit: Trade Me